Harper in action.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Photogenic HJ

Harper, who won't sit still for family portraits, has suddenly started requesting that I take her picture posed with her stuffed animals. She usually labels the players involved, as well. As in, "I'm the mommy and this (this being a stuffed monkey) is the baby".

Harper, too fast for the camera...

And Harper as "Mommy" with her stuffed animals...

In this one, the monkey has a baby, too. The stuffed dog. Harper knows nothing about genetics.

What kills me is the perfect smile in each. And she would have sat for five minutes until I took these pics!

PS - Check out this fun little add on from Firefox. It tells you what I was listening to when I started this blog (like an hour ago), and below that, what I'm listening to right this second! Look for it in upcoming blogs. Or don't!

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1 comment:

Emily said...

Next time just bring the monkey along ;) Love you guys