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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Classy Brunch

My mother is in town for my birthday. (Oh, and this is McCall speaking.... Er, well it's me typing really. But let's move on, shall we? My/McCall's mom is in LA and we all (Kyle, Myself, Moon and Harper Jo) decided to have a nice Sunday brunch at Elements Kitchen in Pasadena... Where Moon, who goes by Lorena there, works. (are you with me, or am I blogging too late?)

Anyhow, Kyle ended up staying home with a napping Marley Man. (I thnk he was secretly very thankful to have the time "off" - brunch isn't really a Kyle-kind-of-thing anyhoo.) So, it's me, my mom, Moon/Lorena, & Harper Jo. A girl's bruncheon, right?

Yeah, well, there is clearly a darn good reason why fancy brunch places don't have a kids menu... Or Crayons. Within about 2.3 minutes of her syrup laden (bad idea, both for the sticky factor and the inevitable, impending sugar rush/crash) breakfast arriving infront of her, Harper Jo had managed to make finger puppets out of the fresh raspberries and get bright red berry juice all over my mom's white leotard! (Why my 65 year old mother still wears white leotards and blue jeans ala the late-great Farrah, is best saved for another blog. And the fact that I, the supposed "responsible parent", grabbed for my iPhone, to take a picture, in a moment I shouldve been grabbing for napkins... Well that's a lecture you can feel free to give me in the comments section, below.

In the meantime, here's the photo I got:

-- PS My mom paid, but Moon and I left an extra $10 to the tip - that table (and the whole floor under/around it) was a complete disaster!

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