Harper in action.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Pancakes

A long time ago we started feeding Harper Jo frozen mini pancakes (yes, she actually eats some of them frozen, she calls them "chili pancakes"). At first she just ate them plain, then somewhere along the line McCall started decorating them with smiley faces made out of frosting. So now almost every morning Harper wakes up and asks for happy pancakes.

To keep things interesting we have started to mix it up a bit. We got some larger sized pancakes and added more colors of frosting. So below are some pics from earlier in the week. Harper asked for a flower instead of smiley faces.

McCall and I did this one together, the red gloop on the leaf is a ladybug, courtesy of McCall.

It's possible Harper was more excited about her Elmo plate than the masterpiece in frosting we presented her with.

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