Harper in action.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Harper and Costello

The other day the family was trying to get ready for a trip to our favorite breakfast spot, Piper's. Harper came into the dining room without a shirt on which prompted the following dialogue...

Kyle: Where's your t-shirt?

Harper: Huh?

Kyle: Where's your t-shirt?

Harper: (Pause) You're my teacher!

Kyle: Not teacher, your t-shirt.

Harper: I don't have a teacher.

Kyle: Not a teacher! T-shirt, T-SHIRT! You need a shirt.

Harper: Where is it?

Kyle: That's what I'm asking YOU!!!

It was in that moment that I realized that my daughter had unwittingly roped me into our very own Who's on First? routine and somehow she was playing the part of the straight man.

I can't tell if that says more about me or her.


Danny said...

It's an awesome and emotional moment when you first realize that your child has the gift. I'll never forget the first time Blake launched into his rendition of The Aristocrats.

Michelle said...

I love this!