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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Harper's Halloween (pt. 1)

This year we decided to have a fairly traditional Halloween. We knew we would dress up Harper Jo and go trick or treating. But we also wanted to let her experience some of the other fun traditions. That meant a trip to the pumpkin patch followed by some pumpkin carving.

Harper Jo and best friend, Miranda.

Last year we went to a really amazing, massive pumpkin patch south of LA. This year was a little different. We were going with one of Harper's classmates, Miranda, and her family. We had to coordinate naptimes and everything. So simplicity was the keyword. As a result, we ended up going to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch right in the middle of West Hollywood. I knew about Mr. Bones because I used to work in WeHo and it was on my way home.

Harper (lost) in the hay maze.

What I didn't know was what a celebrity hang out Mr. Bones is. It seems this is where you go if you're famous and looking for pumpkins. In fact, Steven Webber stood right behind me line. And apparently Vanessa Williams was there as well. Since our trip, McCall has been showing me pictures from her tabloid mags of all the celebs at Mr. Bones. Everyone from Teri Hatcher to Harrison Ford got their pumpkins there.

You can't really tell, but everybody in the background is famous.

We ended up with a pretty big pumpkin, about 18 inches tall. Obviously, the next step was carving our monstrosity. We ventured over to Miranda's home. Her parents laid down a tarp in the middle of their living room and we all gathered our gourds together, drew different faces on them and began carving.

McCall was a wonder with the kitchen knife. Despite having the biggest pumpkin in the room, she sliced and diced her way through it like Jason Voorhees. I was so proud. My role was encouraging McCall, I told her if we were on the Amazing Race, this when I'd be telling her we were way ahead of the other teams. I also was in charge of collecting pumpkin seeds for baking later.

The kiddos had a wonderful time getting messy with all the pumpkin guts, and amazingly there were no accidents to anybody. I cooked up the pumpkin seeds in the oven and they've been a big hit around the house.

McCall's awesome handy work.

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